Unusually warm holiday weather

While last year at this time the snow was gradually starting to fall, the current weekend brought summer back to Boží Dar. Temperatures stayed near the 20 degree mark during the day, so many people were able to leave their jackets in the trunk as a short sleeve t-shirt was the obvious choice.

Partly cloudy but often completely blue skies awaited visitors to our little town this weekend.

How is that possible?

That’s the question we were asking ourselves too. That the whole of October was above average in terms of temperature is clear, but nobody expected temperatures to climb this high.

According to a report by the Czech Hydrometeorological Institute, it was mainly due to the inversion and the influx of warm air over our country. Temperatures at lower altitudes remained noticeably lower due to fog.


Remembrance of last year

Last year we welcomed our first proper snow on 4 November. Let’s see if we get some snow in a few days.