Our tips

We are locals, we will give you tips on where to go on a trip, what to experience in the Ore mountains or where to have good food and local beer.


Bistro Abertamy

When you plan your trip to the beauty of the Ore Mountains, don\’t forget about your stomach. Whether you go hiking, cycling or cross-country skiing,

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Baby Jesus trail

The Jesus Journey consists of two circuits. A smaller circuit (5.6 km) and a larger circuit (12.9 km). Along the route, children can perform various

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Königsmühle is an extinct settlement near Háj in the Ore Mountains. Once around 50 people lived here. There were also Sudeten Germans who were evicted

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Johannes Mine

The historic mining site, over 500 years old and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, will introduce you to the history of metal mining. Tickets can

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