Inversion rules the mountains

Those who visited Boží Dar in the last few days could enjoy great views of the inversion that has engulfed the plains.

What exactly is an inversion?

An inversion is a meteorological phenomenon where the air temperature does not drop in warmer temperatures, but instead rises. It is caused when cold air from higher altitudes travels down the mountain slopes into the valleys, where water vapour subsequently condenses, resulting in fog. While this phenomenon is nice to look at, it can actually be harmful to people at lower altitudes affected by inversions, as the air does not warm up and all the pollutants remain “under the hood”.

Where is the best place to monitor an inversion?

You will of course have the best view from Klinovec, but as it is the largest mountain in the Ore Mountains, the inversion will seem quite far away. You can find out if it’s worth the drive to the site by using the webcam, which you can find here.

We personally like Neklid in particular, where the mist often rises just below the summit and you feel as if you can touch it.

Parking at Neklid is free in the gravel parking lot right at the top lift stop.

Another great place to observe can be Meluzína. Although you will only be able to see the inversions from there towards Ústí nad Labem, it is often an incredible spectacle.

It takes about 20 minutes to walk to Meluzína, and you can park your car on the road right before entering the forest.

Wherever you decide to go, seeing the rest of the world shrouded in fog is definitely worth it!

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