Autumn in the mountains

Autumn has come to Boží Dar, for some one of the most beautiful seasons to experience here. In the morning, fog rolls over the forests, but by noon the sun is shining beautifully and it is blue, while with the evening twilight comes cold and rain. This is how you could sum up the classic autumn weather, which can literally turn completely around in a matter of minutes.

The autumn moors are a great opportunity for a short walk.

The beautifully coloured trees in the square of Boží Dar will enchant you.

In autumn? The weather is bad already

What to do in Boží Dar in autumn?

  • Take a walk along the moorland trail, early in the morning there is often a mysterious ground fog
  • Watch the webcams on Klínovec and Neklid, during inversions there are really incredible views
  • Have a hot chocolate and sit on a bench in the square
  • Visit the Wolf Pits, unlike summer, there will be hardly anyone here now 🙂
  • Go for a sunset walk to the bench at the final station of the Hranice lift
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